The GST Audit Report lists GST information for purchases or sales for a selected monthly or quarterly period.

From the General Ledger module:

1. Click the Reports menu and select A. GST Audit Reports.

The GST Audit Report window is displayed.

a. Business: This defaults to the pharmacy Business name and cannot be changed.

b. End Date: Enter the last date of the period required to be reported on.

c. Period: Click either 1. Monthly or 2. Quarterly.

d. Type: Click either 1. Supplies (Income) or 2. Acquisitions (Expenses).

e. Show Detail: This checkbox is selected by default and will display a detailed report with each supplier’s information is required. Uncheck this checkbox to display a summary report.

2. Click Okay to run the report.

The Audit Report is displayed. Refer to examples below:

Supplies GST Audit Report: Detailed


Supplies GST Audit Report: Summary

Acquisitions GST Audit Report: Detailed


Acquisitions GST Audit Report: Summary