Follow this procedure to print a list of Customer Debtors up until a selected date or as of the last statement date.  For details on printing customer statements, refer to Print customer account statements.

From Minfos Customer Management:

1. Click the Reports menu and select 3. Debtors & Ageing Reports.

The Customer Debtors And Ageing Reports window is displayed

2. The From Customer and To Customer text boxes display the ID number and name of the first and last customer who will be included in the report. Leave the default values in these text boxes, to print a list of all your account customers.

3. The As At Date defaults to the current date and can be changed or select the Last Statement Date checkbox to print the report based on your last statement date.

4. In the Format list, click the report you require.

  1. Debtors Report - provides an overall debtors report with no aged information.
  2. Aged Debtors – breaks down to current, 1 month, 2 months & 3 months +.
  3. Exceeded Credit Report - breaks down current balance, limit, amount exceeded and percentage of balance that is exceeded.

5. Select the Include Zero Bal. checkbox, if you require zero balances in the report.

6. Deselect the Exclude Laybys checkbox, if you require laybys in the report.

7. In the Run Type combo box leave the default as All to include any customer account with a balance other than zero, or select from the drop down field to narrow the report to:

  • General Sales – to generate a report on all account customers not in a nursing home, hospital or third party care facility.
  • Nursing Home – to generate a report on all account customers in a nursing home care facility.
  • Hospital – to generate a report on all account customers in a hospital care facility.
  • Third Party – to generate a report on all account customers in a third party care facility.

8. Click Okay to generate the report.

9. The Processing window is displayed followed by the Customer Debtors Report.10. Click Print to print the report.