Through this Shop Configuration option, you can set up your Minfos software to email:

  • PDF statements with your store’s own email message
  • Reports with your own email message
  • eReceipts
Note To complete this process, you require your store's outgoing email server address and settings. Contact your store's internet service provider (ISP) or hardware vendor to request these settings. Minfos support cannot provide you with these details.

Email server settings requirements

Your store’s email account uses an outgoing mail server to send emails, which is specific to your email account’s domain and the setting your ISP has provided. For when you complete the first process, “Setting up email statements” in Minfos, it’s important to note that your email server address:

  • Must support SMTP for outgoing mail
  • Might require authorisation—a username and password
  • Might use an SSL or TLS, which adds security to your emails
  • Currently cannot be Gmail

To set up email statements:

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities module is displayed.

2. Click either the Shop Configuration icon, or click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.3. Click the Email Configuration tab.

The Email Configuration window is displayed.4. In the Email Server Settings group box, enter your store’s email configuration:

a. Select the Email Enabled checkbox.

b. In the Outgoing Mail Server text box, enter the mail server address for the email account that your store will use for emailing customers statements from Minfos. Minfos support cannot provide you with your store's Outgoing Mail Server. If you don't know this address, please contact your hardware vendor or internet service provider (ISP).

c. In the Email Server port text box, “25” is shown, by default. This is the common port number for the email transfer used, SMTP, and if no SSL encryption is used. Change this value if advised by your hardware vendor or ISP. Minfos support cannot provide you with your store's Port number.

d. If your outgoing mail server requires authorisation, then:

  • In the Username text box, enter the username or email address used to authenticate your email server. In some cases, the username is your email address that uses the mail server.
  • In the Password text box, enter the password used to authenticate your email server. In some cases, this is the password you set for your email address that uses the mail server.
    Check the Use SSL check box, to specify that your outgoing mail server uses either SSL or TSL encryption; this is unchecked by default.

e. If your store’s mail server does use SSL, then it’s unlikely that the port number is 25. Minfos support cannot provide you with your store's server credentials or SSL setting.

f. In the Store email address text box, enter the email address for your store’s email account. This is the email address that customers can reply to, and the email address that uses the Outgoing Mail Server address and settings that you’ve entered in this window.

5. If you are going to also email reports out of Minfos regularly you can set up a default Email Template Subject Line or leave this blank to enter a Subject Line each time you send a report.

6. You can also set up a default Email body when emailing reports out of Minfos, this can be left blank.

7. If you would like to include an Email Footer, enter the required information or leave blank. This footer can also be included when sending out your Statements see Step 11.

8. Click the Email Statement Configuration tab to set up the Statement Template.

The Email Statement Configuration tab is displayed.9. In the Subject Line text box, enter a brief description that identifies the account statement and your pharmacy.

10. In the Email Statement body text box, enter your email message to the customer.

Tip Enter %n for the customer’s name, %i for the customer’s ID, and %% for a percentage symbol.

11. Select the Include Email Footer check box to include the email footer set up in Step 7, if required.

12. Click OK, to save the template.

Your store is now set up to email customer statements, given your configurations are correct.

Refer to Set up customers to receive email statements and Email customer account statements to set up and send the statements via email.