You can mark an account customer as able to receive email statements when a valid email address is recorded in their profile in Minfos.

You can access a customer's Accounts settings from the Customer Editing and the Customer Entry windows, in Customer Management, Retail Till, and Dispense Pro.

To set up a customer to receive email statements:

1. From Customer Editing on the Detail tab you can enter the customers email address in the Email field. This field may already be populated if the customer has had an eScript dispensed in your pharmacy.

2. Select the Use this email for account checkbox to copy this email address to the Accounts tab in the customers profile.

If there is currently a different email address in the Accounts tab, the Use this email address for account statements prompt may display.

Take the appropriate action:

a. Click OK to save override the email address in the Accounts tab.

b. Click Cancel to return to the customer profile.

3. To enter a different email address for the statements, plus review other account settings or set up an account for this customer, click the Accounts tab.

a. Check the Account Customer check box to create an account for this customer, if required.

b. Set up or review the Credit Limit, if required.

c. Set up or review the Arrears Limit, if required.
In the Email Address text box, enter a valid and current email address, then press [Tab]. This will be greyed out if the Use this email for account checkbox was selected from the Details tab.

Tip To add multiple email addresses for one account customer, separate the addresses with a semicolon, “;”. For example, “;”.

d. You can uncheck the Print Statement checkbox, if required.

e. Check the Email Statement check box, to send the customer statements to their email account.

 4. Click OK, to save your changes to the account customer's profile.