Solutions to common issues

Often the issue can be fixed by making sure that you’ve done the following:

  • Correctly entered your store’s outgoing mail server address and settings

Note: This needs to be done on ALL workstations that you want to email from, refer to Email Configuration. If your automatic emailed statements are failing, ensure the workstation that runs Automation Manager has been configured for email.

  • Your hardware vendor or ISP can advise you on your store’s email server address

 You may be able to check your mail server settings in the mail server account. Here are three common mail servers and their online help pages for their settings:

Mail server

Help topic & Link to page 

Outlook webmail (originally Hotmail)

“Apps that support POP3 and SMTP” on this Windows page:


Telstra and Bigpond

 “Incoming / Outgoing Server Settings” on this Telstra page:

Extended configuration options have been added to Email Configuration to support Office 365 & Gmail email options.
Please refer to your hardware technician for setup/trouble shooting if you have been experiencing issues with your email. 

Other issues

Email Statements is not enabled

If the Reports menu item 6. Email Statements is not enabled, then Emailing Minfos may not have been configured correctly, refer to Email Configuration for assistance.

  • Your pharmacy's email settings will save to the Minfos workstation on which they’re entered

Blank account statement preview

If the account customer statement preview is blank either:

  • No statements are available for the account customer and date range
  • The customer’s end of month statement isn’t available; you may need to manually age the accounts

“Failure” result in Email Statement Send Result Report

If the Email Statement Send Result Report shows a “Failure” in the Result column for:

  • Some customers: Print the report and check that they’re the correct customer email addresses
  • All customers: Make sure your store's Outgoing Mail Server settings are set up correctly
Note: Contact your ISP or hardware vendor for assistance with these configuration details. If email statements continue to fail for all customers, then log a call with Minfos support.

  If a “Failure” result also shows in the Errors column:

  • Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.3.4 Requested action not taken. To continue sending messages, please sign into your account. Log into your mail server account and follow the steps
  • Unable to read credentials from the registry. Please re-enter your credentials

Not all customers have received their statements

If you are using Office365 and some but not all emails are sending successfully, check the Limit transmission rate to 30 Emails per minute checkbox on the Email Statement Configuration windowThis option can help if your email provider restricts you from sending more than 30 emails per minute.

Once applied, Minfos will slow down the number of emails sent per minute to ensure the maximum is not exceeded.