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Additional account charges can only be charged to account customers. Each account customer that has been set up to receive automatic account charges will be charged regularly according to the selected frequency, until either the charge is deleted or the charge is removed from the customer. 

To add an additional account charge to an account customer:

1. On the Minfos Customer Management window, click the Customer Maintenance icon.

The Customer Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Search for the account customer that you want to charge a recurring fee, then double-click the customer.

The Customer Editing window is displayed, with the Details tab active.

3. Click the Accounts tab.

The Additional account charges group box shows the recurring charges you set up, with quantities of “0”.

If the customer is not an account customer - the Account Customer checkbox is not selected - you will not be able to link an additional account charge to the customer.

4. In the textbox, enter the quantity of the service that you want to regularly charge the selected customer. For example, enter “2” to charge the selected customer the $4.50 Webster packing fee twice per week.

When the quantity entered is “0”, the customer is not charged for that service.

In the example above, the customer is charged the $4.50 Webster packing fee twice per week. The customer is not charged the $6.50 Webster packing fee because the quantity is “0”.

5. Click OK, to save the additional account charges to the customer.

Weekly services are charged to the customer’s account each Monday and monthly services are charged on the last day of each month, as part of your end of day process.