This option is ideal for printing single Interim Statements. To print Interim Statements for all customers or groups of customers refer to Print Interim Account Statement Report.

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Customer Accounts Enquiry icon.

The Customer Account Enquiry window is displayed.

2. In the Customer field, enter the required customer's name or code.

3. Click on Interim Statement.

The Interim Statement dialogue is displayed.

4. Enter the required date range for the interim statement.

5. Select the required options:

  • All Transactions – displays all transactions on the Interim Statement, including those with a $0.00 price to customer.
Note All transactions will display on the statement where the customer was selected at the Till during a transaction, including those transactions where the customer did not charge it to their account. 
  • Show Names – displays the name of to whom the script was dispensed
  • Show Medicare Card Number – can be selected when the Show Names checkbox has also been selected
  • Show Item Prices – displays the price of the item
  • Account Customers Only – will only display customers who have the Account checkbox selected in their customer profile. Customers that are ‘linked’ to these accounts are not included
  • Statement format (Ageing info will not be displayed) – will print displayed as an invoice, in the same format as a monthly statement
  • Exclude Opening Balance – allows Interim Statements to be printed without an opening balance

6. Click the OK button to print the report.