Note: This only applies to loyalty members where a Physical Card was issued. This process can not be used for an Instore Cardless Signup loyalty member.

1. Enter your Clerk Code in the Till.

2. Press Replace Card.The Replace card window is displayed.3. Ask the customer for as many of their relevant contact details as are available, enter any of these details in the relevant text boxes. You cannot search by only the customer’s Gender, Unit #, or Street #.

4. Press Enter to retrieve the Loyalty customer. The Customer Search Window is displayed, with the closest-matching customer selected.

Note If too many Loyalty customers match your search, an error is displayed. Press OK to close the error and then refine your search.

5. Select the required customer and then press Enter.

The Member Card Replacement window is displayed, and shows the selected Loyalty customer’s details in the Step 1 group box.6. Confirm the customer’s identity and contact details shown in the Step 1 group box, according to your store processes.

If the details are:

  • Incorrect, press No, to return to the Replace card window and re-enter the customer’s details.
  • Correct, press Yes.

The options in the Step 2 group box are enabled.

7. In the Step 2 group box, select the button that best describes why the customer is requesting a replacement card. 


  • Lost, if the customer cannot find their original card
  • Stolen, if the customer’s original card has been stolen
  • Damaged, if the customer’s original card is damaged or destroyed
  • Online, if the customer signed up for the Loyalty program online and has not yet received a physical card

The options in the Step 3 group box are enabled.

8. In the Step3 group box, perform one of the following actions:

  • Scan the new Loyalty card
  • Enter the number of the new Loyalty card using the keyboard or numerical keypad

9. Press OK to submit the new Loyalty card number.

The Replace card prompt is displayed, while Minfos attempts to communicate with the loyalty system.

When successful, the new Loyalty card number is assigned to the customer, and the new Loyalty membership number is displayed on the Till.

10. Give the new Loyalty card to the customer.

11. Inform the customer that their membership details have been transferred to the new membership number and Loyalty card and that their old card is disabled.