Run the Loyalty Product List report to view which products are set as excluded or included to earn Loyalty rewards.

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Reports menu, click 2. Product Reports and select 2. Product List Reports.

The Product List Reports window is displayed.

a. Click the Sorted by dropdown and adjust the sort order, if required.

b. Adjust the From and To fields to select the required range.

c. Select P. Loyalty Product Information from the Report Format dropdown. 

d. Click to select the required Product Types.

e. Select the Stocked Only checkbox to only include products that are flagged as Re-Order (Stocked). 

2. Click Okay to run the report.

The Loyalty Product List is displayed.

The Exclude From Loyalty column will display either:

a. No for products that are included in the loyalty program.

b. Yes for products excluded from the loyalty program.


Export the report

1. Close the report and click the Export a Report icon.

The Report Exporter window is displayed.

2. By default the Export Format selected is 0. Excel Workbook (Excel 97 or later). Click Okay to export the report.

The icon below is displayed in your Windows taskbar when exporting to Excel. Do not click on the worksheet until this icon has disappeared – doing so will stop the export.

Excel will automatically open once this has been run and exported.

3. Delete the first row to remove the report name, date etc.

4. Click the Select All icon to select the entire worksheet.

5. Select the Data tab from the menu and click Sort. The Sort window is displayed.

a. Select the My data has headers checkbox.

b. Choose Exclude From Loyalty from the ColumnSort by drop-down.

c. From the Order dropdown choose:

  1. Z to A for all YES products to be listed first.
  2. A to Z for all NO products to be listed first.

6. Click the OK button to update the spreadsheet order. This report can be printed if required. 

Refer to Manage Loyalty status of a single product and Manage the Loyalty status on a range of products for instructions on how to adjust the Loyalty status of products.