This section provides definitions of the terms used in Update Manager.


For slave stores, this is data generated by the store that the head office can subscribe to.

For example:

  • Product inventory changes
  • Store products
  • Store sales
  • Salesperson details


For the Multi-store head office, this is one publication that can be configured to provide the following information to slave stores:

  • Product information and changes
  • Price changes 
  • Supplier information 
  • Promotions 
  • Drug pricing
PublisherA head office or slave store that is governs the information (offers publications).

The status of a  publication can be:

  • Not Subscribed
  • Pending
  • Subscribed
SubscriptionA publication that you have subscribed to.
Actively traded productA product that has a stock on hand value or is flagged as a stocked item.