1. Navigate to the Promotions module.

2. Create a new promotion. See Promotion Maintenance Overview for instructions on how to set up promotions in Minfos.

3. Ensure Errors are actioned before exporting the promotion to the stores. If there are products in error in the Head Office promotion, those products will not be included in the export.

4. From the New Promotions window highlight the promotion, use [Shift] and/or [Ctrl] to highlight more than one promotion.

5. Click Export.

6. The Export file window is displayed.


7. Click the Open button to save the promotional file.

8. Enter the file name you wish to identify as the promotion and click Save.

The Export file window is displayed showing the file name.

9. Click Select Stores.

10. The Export to Stores window is displayed, with the focus on Groups. If you would like to export the promotion only to specific stores skip ahead to step 12. 

11. If you would like to export the promotion to all stores in a group, check the corresponding Export checkbox.

The store can be allocated to the group, but if they are not subscribed to receive promotions in the Publications section of Update Manager, they will not receive the promotion. Refer to Subscribe slave stores to receive head office promotions for more information.

11. Click OK to export.

The promotion is exported to all stores in the group(s).

The Export Succeeded window is displayed. Skip ahead to step 15.

12. If you would like to export the promotion to only specific stores, do not check any Group checkboxes. Click the Stores tab.

The Export to Stores window is displayed with all stores listed.

13. Select the Export checkbox for the appropriate stores. Click Select All to select the Export checkboxes for all stores. Click Unselect All to unselect all checkboxes.

14. Click OK to export the promotion.

The Export Succeeded window is displayed.

15. Click OK to close.

Changes can be made at any time to an existing promotion from head office and re-exported to the store by following the exporting steps again.
Promotion errors may need to be reviewed at store level.

The promotion will be visible in the store with the icon.