Video Demonstration

Step By Step Instructions

Generating and actioning a negative stock report assists in maintaining accurate stock on hand figures. Minfos recommend Negative Stocks be reviewed weekly. Ensure you have completed all outstanding invoices before running the report.

This report will list any products that have a negative stock on hand in each category.

Location will be used as an example category throughout this document. The report can be run by; Product, Department, Company, Brand, I.E.U, Class, Location, Price Policy, Preferred Supplier or KVI.

These products should be investigated:

  • Do you have the product in the pharmacy?
  • Have you completed your invoices correctly, i.e. is the product a carton item and are the retail units and cost price correct in the stock card?
  • Have you dispensed and sold the product and you are waiting the order to arrive for the customer?
  • Have you sold a special order product prior to receiving the stock?
  • Is the negative SOH the result of duplicated stock cards?

From Minfos Stock Manager:

1. Click the Reports menu, select 4. Stock Reports and click 2. Negative stocks report. 

The Negative Stocks Report window is displayed.

2. Click the Sorted by dropdown menu select the required option.

3. Select the From and To range for the category which is being run, or leave a the default to obtain information for all products.4. Click Okay to generate the report.

5. Click Print to print the report.

6. Count the stock. Uncollected scripts waiting at the till need to be counted.

Refer to Use Rolling Stocktake to update Negative SOH or Adjust SOH in Product Maintenance for instructions to update stock on hand in Minfos.