For the most accurate data, this report should be run outside of trading hours. This can be either before the store opens for trade in the morning, or after the pharmacy has closed and the automatic End of Day (EOD) process has run.

Note: If your pharmacy has Auto Invoice configured for a Nursing Home, and you do not wait for the EOD process to complete before running this report, the stock for the scripts waiting at the Till for the Nursing Home patients will be included in your stock holding.

From Stock Manager:

1.  Click the Reports menu, click 4. Stock Reports and select 1. Stock on Hand Report.

The Stocktake Report window is displayed.

2. Make your required selections:

a. Click the Sorted by dropdown and select the required option:

  • Product
  • Department
  • Company
  • Brand
  • IEU
  • Class
  • Location
  • Price Policy
  • Preferred Supplier
  • KVI

b. The From and To fields default to include all products and/or categories. To narrow down the report enter the Product or category Name or Code in the From field, press [Tab]. The Product/category Search Window is displayed. Highlight the required product/category and click Okay. Repeat in the To field.

c. The Format defaults to Current Stocktake. If a back dated stock on hand is required, click the dropdown and select Back Dated Stocktake. The As At Date becomes active, refer to step i.

d. The Show Detail checkbox is checked by default, this option will list all products that have SOH in your database. To just see a summary report, uncheck Show Detail.

e. Select the Average Cost (FIFOradio box, if your pharmacy has FIFO set up. For further information on FIFO refer to FIFO (First in, First out): An Introduction.

f. If you do not have FIFO set up, ensure the Last Buy Cost radio box is selected.

g. If you do not need to include products with a negative SOH, select the No Negatives checkbox.

h. Leave Show Zeros unchecked. If this option is checked the report will display every product in your Minfos database.

i. The As At Date is enabled when the Back Dated Stocktake Format is selected. Enter the required date for your back dated stock on hand report. 

j. If you have selected the Show Detail checkbox, and need to include retail value, select the Show Retail check box.

3. Click Okay to run the report. Print the report if required.


Options selected:Example report:Options selected:Example report: