The Product Exceptions Report can be run to identify one or more of the following exceptions in your database:

  • Minfos Generated Barcodes
  • Negative SOH
  • Negative GP
  • Zero Cost
  • Zero Retail
  • Unallocated Class
  • Unallocated Location
  • Unallocated Department
  • Non MNPN

Video Demonstration

Step By Step Instructions

This report can be run by an individual or range of products and by categories, including or excluding dispensary lines.

To run the report:

1. From Stock Manager, click the Reports menu.

2. Click 2. Product Reports and select 3. Product Exceptions Report.

The Product Exception Report window is displayed.

3. Click the Sorted by dropdown and select your sort order, it is recommended this report is run by product, except when reviewing Negative GP and Zero Retail.

4. To include all products in the report, leave the From field on the default.

5. To include all products in the report, leave the To field on the default.

6. In the Exception Format de-select or select the exceptions to be reported on.
This report can be quite large if all exceptions are selected in one report. For example some exceptions can be grouped together e.g. review Negative GP, Zero Cost and Zero Retail together. Run Negative SOH on its own, Non MNPN on its own and then the Unallocated Category Reports on their own.

7. Select the Stocked Only checkbox to only include products that are marked as stocked. If this checkbox is selected and you have a non-stocked product with a positive SOH, depending on the exceptions selected, it may not appear on the report.

8. Show Duplicate PDE, is only available to check when the report is sorted by Supplier. Refer to Remove Duplicate PDEs: Overview for more information.

9. If Exclude Disp is checked, all products marked as Drugs   will be excluded from the report.

10. Click Okay to run the report.

In the example below, Class (Retail Only) has be used to sort the report. The exceptions selected were Negative GP, Zero Cost and Zero Retail.

These exceptions can now be corrected.