Generating a category sales report for General and Unused categories will capture any products which have been sold before being correctly allocated to a category. 

The following instructions will outline the process in identifying which products have been sold in the General or Unused Categories.

This report can be run for:

  • Department
  • Company
  • Brand
  • I.E.U
  • Class
  • Location

From the Reporting module:

1. Click the required menu option, in this example Location will be used, and select 1. Location Sales Report.

The Location Sales Reporwindow is displayed.2. In the From Code and To Code enter in “0” (zero) to select the general category.

3. Enter the Starting Date for the period required.

4. Leave the Ending Date for the period required. It is recommended this report is run on a monthly basis.

5. Ensure the Content field displays 3. All Sales.

6. Ensure the Format displays Summary Format.

7. Ensure that the Stocked Only box is unchecked, as not all products sold within the pharmacy will be marked as stocked. If the stocked only check box is checked, products marked as not stocked will not be included on this report.

8. Ensure the Show Detail box is checked. Checking show detail will display all products within the general or unused category that have been sold within the date range selected.

9. Ensure the Detail Level displayed is 1. Product.10. Click Okay, to generate the report. This report will list any products which have been sold for the selected date range in the General category.

Report Example

11. Print the report if required.

12. These products should be allocated to their correct categories to ensure sales report accuracy.

13. Repeat the process for Unused if your pharmacy is allocating products to this category.