Run a Product Sales Report to display a selected range of products that have been sold over a selected date range. 

This report can be used to review your gross profit, your discountable products or assist with ordering.

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Reporting icon.

2. Click the Product menu and select 1. Product Sales Report.

3. The Product Sales Report window is displayed.


A. Leave the From Product and To Product fields as the default to generate a report displaying all products


A specific range of products with similarity in product description can be reported on. Ensure you use [TAB] to search for a selected range of products from the database by entering the first product in the From Product field and the last product in the To Product field.

B. Enter dates in the Starting Date and Ending Date fields for the period required.

C. Ensure the Content dropdown list displays 3. All Sales. Content of the Product Sales Report can also be generated by Dispensary Sales or Retail Sales only.

D. Ensure the Format dropdown list displays Summary Format. You can select the option of generating a Product Sales Report in a Weekly Format or Monthly Format.

E. Ensure the Stocked Only checkbox is unchecked. It’s important that the Stocked Only checkbox is unchecked, since it is possible that products within the database are marked as not stocked, but have been sold within the selected date range.

4. Click the Okay button to generate the report.

The Product Sales Report is displayed.