This report will identify the Top Selling products within a given category for the specified time period. 

The report can be run for:

  • Department
  • Company
  • I.E.U.
  • Brand
  • Class
  • Location
  • Price Policy

From the Reporting module:

1. Click the required menu option, in this example Department will be used and click 3. Top Sellers.

The Department Top Selling Products window is displayed.2. Enter in the required category in the Code field.

3. Enter in the required Starting Date and Ending Date.

4. Click the Content dropdown and select from:

  • 1. Dispensary Sales
  • 2. Retail Sales
  • 3. All Sales

5. Ensure the Sort Key selected is Quantity. The content of the department top selling products report can also be run by Sales, Discounts, net sales, C.O.G.S., Gross Profit and Gross Profit %.

6. Enter in the Number of product results to be generated in the report. 

7. It is recommended that the Stocked Only checkbox is unchecked, as it is possible that products within the database are marked as not stocked, and are potentially a top seller within the selected date range.

8. Click Okay to run the report.