The annual staff sales report displays each clerks’ sales for the selected date range including one or all of the selected format types; the quantity of products sold, number of customers served, Sales total, GST, Discounts, Net Sales, COGS, GP$ and GP% and average sale per customer.

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click Reporting.

2. Click Staff from the menu.

3. Click 3. Annual Staff Sales.

4. The Annual Staff Sales Report window is displayed.

A. Leave the From and To as the default to generate a report displaying all staff members. An individual or specific range of staff members can be reported on.

B. Enter in the Starting Date and Ending Date for the period required.

C. Click to highlight one or more of the Content options required to be reported on. Note that Agency, Hiring and Services content results will be displayed within the retail totals.

D. Select one or more of the following Format options to be reported on: Quantity, Customers, Sales, Discounts, Net Sales, C.O.G.S, Gross Profit, Gross Profit GP% and Average Sale.

E. Separate Totals

  1. Selected the Separate Totals checkbox will generate a report that displays dispense totals and retail totals separately, as well as total of both.
  2. Leaving the Separate Totals checkbox unselected will generate a report that combines the dispense totals and retail totals.

5. Click Okay to generate the report.

The Annual Staff Sales Report is displayed.