This section provides an overview of the features of the CO main window.

1. Click on this tab to launch the Orders window.

2. Type keywords into this search box to search for an order by pharmacy name, invoice number, order number or supplier name and description.

3. Outstanding orders can be filtered by their status. Completed orders can also be viewed.

4. Orders are sorted by status and date, descending by default. Double-click an order or clicking the View button shows the details of an order.

5. Click the Print button to generate a PDF purchase order form for a selected order.

6. Click the Merge button to open a dialogue where you can merge orders. Orders with a status of Created or New may be merged. The orders must also have the same supplier and include one or more product.

7. Click Redirect button to redirect any order that has a New, Created or Failed status.

8. Click Delete button to delete any order that has a New, Created or Failed status.

9. Click the Export button to export orders to a desired location.

10. Click the Issue button to signify that an order has been sent manually to the supplier.

11. Click the Import button to import orders from the product list in either CSV or Excel format.

12. Click the Templates button to view order templates.

13. Click these buttons to create either a new Generated Order or a new Manual Order.