This article provides an overview of the features of the Templates window.

From the Orders window, click Templates.

The Templates window is displayed.

1. Highlight a template and click Delete to delete the template. You can also press [Del] or [Alt+D]. 

The Are you sure you want to delete this template? prompt is displayed. a. Click Delete to delete the template or click Cancel.

2. View a template by double clicking it or highlight it and click View. The Order Details window is displayed for the selected template. Make any required changes:

  • Click Save Template to overwrite a modified template
  • Click Save New Template to save the template with a new name

3. Highlight a template and click Schedule to schedule automatic order generation based on a template. The Schedule Template window is displayed. 

4. The Created column displays when the template was created.

5. The Frequency column displays how often the template is schedule to generate e.g. Monthly.

6. The Last Run and Next Run columns show date time in the store time zone.