From the CO Orders window:

1. Click Import.

The Import Orders window is displayed.

a. Click Browse to locate and select your import file. The import file must follow the required format as specified in the sample file. Click the Sample File link for an example of how the import file should be formatted.

b. Click Validate for an automated test of the selected file for valid orders, valid lines and any exceptions. This will not generate any orders.

The number of valid orders and product lines will be reported in the validation summary on the same window. The number of data rows failing the validation will be reported as exceptions.

If exceptions are found, review them by selecting the Show Exceptions link.

Make the corrections to the selected file and then re-select the file.  

c. Click Import to create orders from the selected file. Orders will be created for valid data rows. The import summary will be displayed on the same window showing the number of orders created and total product lines added to the orders.

Data rows failing the import will be reported as exceptions.