Orders may be merged if they 

  • have a status of Created or New,
  • have the same supplier as each other, and 
  • both include one or more products.
  1. Select original orders to be merged. For orders with either of the above statuses and the same supplier, the Merge button is active. 
  2. Click the Merge button. The Merge Orders window will be displayed. 
    1. The Order For drop down allows you to select the pharmacy for the newly created merged master order. The options include the pharmacies associated with the original orders.
    2. Change the Description of the newly created master order.
    3. Keep the Delete original orders checkbox ticked if you wish to have the original orders deleted.
    4. Keep the Create Transfers checkbox ticked if you wish to create a transfer request for each of the original orders.
  3. Click Merge

The merged master order is now created in the CO main screen. The original orders are deleted.

Example using Create Transfer option

This example merge will result in a new transfer, which appears in the Transfers list from Pharmacy ABC to Pharmacy BCD for 20 products.

  • orders selected:
    • Order 1, with 10 products, for store Pharmacy ABC
    • Order 2, with 20 products, for store Pharmacy BCD
  • Order For selection: Pharmacy ABC
  • Create Transfers  checkbox: ticked

Transfers will not be created if the original orders are all for the same store.