Products can be added or replaced in both generated orders and manual orders.

Please note that: 

  • Duplicates of the same product cannot be added to an order.
  • Locally maintained products will not be added to an order

To add or replace products in an order:

1. To add a new product, press [Alt+A]. A new row is added to the order and the PDE search box is highlighted.

To replace an existing product, click the product’s PDE, name, or MNPN.

2. Search for a product by entering the details in the relevant search box:

  • PDE
  • Name
  • MNPN

Any part of a name can be searched for in the Name field. For example, if “FISH” is searched for then product names that start with “FISH” will be shown first followed by products that contain “FISH” in the name.

Note: The same ‘contains the word’ search style is also implemented in the product search box at the top of the window.

3. Press [Enter] to select the required product.

The product is displayed at the top of the list with the NEW icon ( ) and the product’s sales and purchase information is shown in the right side detail panel.

A product has an order quantity of “0” by default. To specify the order quantity, refer to Change a product’s quantity.

If the Check for surplus stock check box was checked when the order was created, the product’s surplus stock information is calculated and the appropriate icon is shown. For instructions on viewing the surplus stock, see View surplus stock for a product in an order. 

4. Click Save, or press [Alt+S] to save the order.

A prompt will display if you attempt to close the window without saving.