When sending an order electronically to a supplier, the order is processed and then sent to the store for collection. Throughout this process, the status of the order is updated in CO.

To send an order:

1. On the CO window, select to view the order by one of the following methods:

  • Double-click the order row
  • Select an order then click View or [Alt+E].

The Order window is displayed.

2. Review the contents of the order and click Send Order, or [Alt+O].

Please note:

  • CO uses the Supplier Account details for the selected store
  • Send Order is enabled when one or more valid product lines exist in the order
  • If there are any invalid product lines, a prompt will be displayed requesting confirmation

The status of the order changes to Sending.

A message will confirm the success of the order generation.

3. After the order is successfully sent, the status of the order changes to Issued. The order information will be sent to the store. The order will appear in Order Maintenance with status of Issued.

External Order Reference in the Order Editing window showing the Order Number in CO.