Transfer requests can be initiated in CO. The buyer can review and adjust the details before issuing the request.


  • Sending Store refers to the pharmacy from which the stock will be transferred
  • Receiving Store refers to the pharmacy to which the stock will be transferred to

The transfer process:

1. Buyer creates transfer request in CO. Refer to Multi-Store Ordering in CORequest a transfer from a CO order

2. Buyer reviews and issues the transfer in CO. Refer to Review a CO transfer

3. Once issued from CO, the transfer will be visible at the Sending Store in Transfer Maintenance. Refer to Issue a CO transfer.

4. Sending Store transmits and completes the transfer. 

5. When the Receiving Store collects the invoices in Minfos Order Maintenance, the transfer will display as a Received order.

6. Receiving Store will then complete the order.

Note: Both Sending and Receiving stores MUST BE set up to process electronic transfers. Contact Minfos Support to request this setup.