When your pharmacy sends or receives stock from another pharmacy, the Stock Transfer process should be followed. Following this process will create a record of the stock movement, and ensure accurate stock on hand and unit costs.

Before you can create and issue a stock transfer to another pharmacy, you must first create an A.R Customer record for the pharmacy you will transfer the stock to.

After you have Created a Stock Transfer customer (A.R. Customer), follow the steps below to create and issue a Stock Transfer.

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions

Create a Transfer

1. From Stock Manager, click the Transfers menu and select 1. Transfers.

2. The Transfer Maintenance window is displayed.

3. Click Add.

4. The Transfer Entry window is displayed.

A. In the Invoice to text box, enter the accounts receivable (A.R.) customer code of the pharmacy to which you are transferring stock. Alternatively, press [Delete] and then [Tab] to select the customer from the A.R. Customer Search window.

B. Leave the Invoice Date as it is.

C. Leave the Pay by Date as it is

D. In the Description text box, enter details to help identify the transfer in the future (for example, your name).

E. In the Reference text box, enter a reference if required. (For example, the name of person requesting the stock).

F. If GST is not applicable for the selected pharmacy, check the Do not add GST check box.

Warning: Check with your accountant if you are unsure if you should charge GST or not.

G. If required, check the Cost Price (plus markup) check box, and enter a mark-up amount.

5. Click the Add button.

6. The Transfer Detail Entry window is displayed.

A. With the Product Code field highlighted scan a product or alternatively, enter all or part of a product name in the Product Code text box, then press [Tab], to select a product from the Product Search window.

B. The Product Name will update with the selected product.

C. In the Quantity text box, enter the quantity of the product to be transferred.

D. Your current stock on hand will be displayed

E. The Unit Cost (Ex. GST) text box displays the last buy price of the product. You can change this price, if required but it is not recommended.

F. The Total GST field will be updated.

G. The Total (inc. GST) field will be updated.

7. Click Okay to add the product to the transfer.

8. Repeat steps 6A to 7 until you have added all of the required products to the transfer.

9. Click Cancel, to close the Transfer Detail Entry window.

10. On the Transfer Entry window, click Okay to save the transfer and close the Transfer Entry window.

Print and Issue the Transfer

1. From the Transfer Maintenance window:

A. If a packing slip is required, highlight the correct transfer and click Print.
Note: Depending on your operating procedures, you might prefer to complete the transfer and then print a tax invoice to send with the stock.

B. If you are part of a Multistore group; highlight the correct transfer and click Transfer, this sends an electronic copy of the transfer to the receiving pharmacy.

C. If you are not a multistore pharmacy, the Transfer and Collect options are not available.

Highlight the correct transfer and click Complete.

The Transfer Complete prompt is displayed.

2. Click Yes, to complete the Transfer.

The transfer is then marked as COMPLETED on the Transfer Maintenance window.

Note: Stock on hand is adjusted after the transfer has been completed. If you leave a transfer in the Transfer Maintenance window, that stock is included in your Stock on Hand.

3. If you do not wish to print an invoice, click Cancel, to close the Transfer Maintenance window.

If an invoice is required, select the Completed checkbox to display all previously Completed Transfers. 


4. Click on a completed Transfer to select, and click the Print Invoice button.

5. The Tax Invoice is displayed. You can choose to Print or Export the invoice to various formats.