1. Generate a Stock on Hand Report with the Current Stocktake with Average Cost (FIFO) checkbox selected.

2. Ensure all future Stock on Hand Reports are run by Current Stocktake. Backdated Stock on Hand Reports can only be run by Last Buy Cost.

Generate a Stock on Hand Report after FIFO has been configured.

This report needs to run as Current Stocktake with Average Cost (FIFO) selected, do NOT run as a Backdated report.

This report must be run before the pharmacy opens and after Minfos configures FIFO. Do not generate this report while the pharmacy is trading.

As this is a large report, you will need to allow plenty of time for the Stock on Hand Report to generate.

1. From Stock Manager, click the Reports menu.

2. Click 4. Stock Reports.

3. Click 1. Stock on Hand Report.

The Stocktake Report window is displayed.

4. Click the Sorted by dropdown and adjust to another category if necessary or leave on Product.

5. Leave the From and To fields on the default (this will include the entire store).

6. Leave the Format dropdown displaying ‘Current Stocktake’.

7. Deselect Show Detail (if this is selected, this report will display every product with a SOH within the selected sort by category – possibly a very long report).

8. Ensure Average Cost (FIFO) option is selected.

9. If you do not need to include products with a negative SOH, select the No Negatives checkbox.

10. Click Okay to run the report. Print the report or at least the last page. This report should be provided to your bookkeeper/accountant.