From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Price Manager icon, or click the Pricing menu and click 5. Price Manager.

The Price Manager: Select Category & Sub-category window is displayed.

2. Click the Sort By dropdown, then click either:

  • 1. Department
  • 2. Company
  • 3. Brand
  • 4. IEU
  • 5. Class
  • 6. Location
  • 7. Price Policy
  • 8. Preferred Supplier
  • 9. Order Number
  • 10. KVI
Note: When you select 10. KVI, all KVIs across all of your categories are displayed.

3. In the text box, enter the name of a category, a price policy, a preferred supplier or an order number, corresponding to your category type selection.

4. Click Review Pricing.

The Price Manager: Pricing Review window is displayed and shows all products and current pricing information for your selected category.The New GP% column header changes to the New MU% when the Markup% Guideline option button is selected. See Apply a GP% or Markup% performance guideline for more information.

The New RP, New GP%/New MU% and New GP$ columns are populated when you have entered a Guideline or a  Increase RP Markup% for the selected category.

Note: Inc. KVI is selected by default when Price Manager is sorted by 10. KVI.