You can apply the suggested new prices to:

  • Selected products (recommended).
  • All products
Note: Applying the prices to all products only changes the prices of products within your current view. If you have applied a filter then the products that have been filtered out will not be changed.

To apply suggested new pricing to products in the category:

From the Price Manager: Pricing Review window either:

1. Select one or more products, then click Apply New Prices (Selected Only) to apply the new prices to the selected products.


2. Click Apply New Prices (All) to apply new suggested prices to all products.

The Apply New Prices (All) prompt is displayed.

  1. Leave the Exclude KVI products checkbox checked to exclude KVI products from applying the new prices.
  2. Alternatively, uncheck the Exclude KVI products checkbox to also apply the new pricing to KVI products.
  3. Click Apply New Prices (All).
Note: Applying new prices cannot be reversed. Please ensure you review all new suggested pricing before you apply the prices to products.

The prices are updated and the products are displayed with the word APPLIED.

3. You can now print new labels by clicking Labels or print new labels from the Product Price Changes Report.