This is particularly useful for groups that want to keep uniformity in their pricing.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

1. From the Price Manager: Pricing Review window, click Export.

The Price Manager prompt is displayed.

The Export Path and Filename text box shows the default Minfos export location and file name.

2. If required, click the options ‘’ button to search for a different location and enter a new file name.

3. Click Okay to export the pricing file.

The file is exported to the selected folder and the Summary window is displayed. The export file contains all MNPN products in the category and their current retail price.
4. Click OK to close the window.

Note: When you import a pricing file, set a performance guideline or change the price of a single product, the suggested new prices are not automatically applied to the products in the category. Refer to Price Manager: Apply suggested new pricing.