Q. How do I know that the RRP pricing is correct prior to accepting the changes?

A. A supplier's retail prices typically increase by one to two dollars, and are rounded to five or nine cents. If your new pricing does not reflect this norm, ensure the products are allocated to the correct categories; correct price policy, correct preferred supplier - see below.

Q. The correct prices do not appear for the selected supplier in Price Maintenance. What do I do?

A. Check that your price policy is set up correctly for recommended retail prices: go back to Step 1: Create a RRP Price Policy and check that your policy type is selected as Mark up on Wholesaler Retail Price. As there are many similarly-named price policies, this may have caused the error.


      A. Check that the items are attached to the correct price policy:

1. From Product Maintenance, click Find.

The Search window is displayed.

2. Scan the product, enter the Name, Product number or /PDE (e.g./7218773070)

3. Highlight the product and click Change.

      The Product Edit window is displayed.

     4. Click the Categories tab.

5. Check and (if needed) update the supplier text box to the correct supplier.

6. Click OK to save and close.

How do I check if a supplier MNPN update contains recommended retail prices?

A. Please refer to Direct Suppliers maintained by Minfos document.