Adding ‘local’ products into your database can cause duplicate products, which can affect your SOH, ordering and Gross Profit reports. Ideally products should be added into your Minfos database through Automatic Wholesaler & Supplier MNPN updates.

Products added via a Minfos update are allocated an MNPN (Minfos National Product Number), these products are routinely updated by Minfos; attributes updated are: 

  • Barcodes (main & alternate)
  • Supplier PDE’s
  • Supplier/Wholesale List Cost
  • Supplier RRP (not all suppliers provide this information),
  • Product Description
  • GST settings (Wholesaler updates only)
  • Retail Units (Symbion Wholesaler only)

‘Locally’ added products are required to be maintained at store level.

If you have applied a Wholesaler or Supplier MNPN update and the required products were not added to your database, please contact the Minfos Database Team by logging a ticket.

If you are part of a Multistore group, adding ‘local’ products to your store database is not recommended, please speak to your Head Office Database Administrator before proceeding.

There are 3 ways to add a ‘local’ product: