1. From Product Maintenance:

2. Click Add.

The Product Entry window is displayed, with the Details tab active.

3. In the Name text box, enter NDSS.

4. Change the Product Type to 7. Service.

5. Leave Retail Price, Mark Up and Unit Cost (Ex GST) as 0.00. The Till will then prompt you to enter a quantity and retail price when selling a Service product type.

6. De-select the GST on Sales checkbox.

7. De-select the GST on Purchases checkbox.
The FAT code combo box will display A.

8. De-select the Discountable checkbox.

9. Click the Categories tab.

Press [Tab] to move down through the fields or [Shift Tab] to move up. Only press [Enter] to save and close the Product Entry window.

10. In the Pref. Supplier text box, enter Diabetes Australia (in your state) and then press [Tab].
The Supplier Search window is displayed.

11. Click to highlight your state's supplier, and then click Okay.

You are returned to the Product Entry window.

12. Update required categories - either by entering the Category code and pressing [Tab] or by entering the Category name and pressing [Tab] to search, highlighting the correct category name and clicking Okay.

13. Click OK to save and close the Product Edit window.

The Product Entry window is displayed, with no details entered.

14. Click Cancel.

You are returned to Product Maintenance.

Note: Locally added products do not have an  icon (MNPN).