The overview video will show you the Product Quick Fix features. Also refer to:

Learn how to:

  • Access the Product Quick Fix functionality 
  • Adjust the sort by order, choose from Product, Category, Preferred Supplier, Alternate Supplier, Order number, promotion number plus many more. Refine the range further using the From and To filters 
  • Further filter products (Filter options include: show stocked products only, all products, products with a positive stock on hand (SOH), products with negative stock on hand (SOH), display only active products since a defined date or display products added to your database since a defined date)
  • Find a product and access individual stock cards from within the list
  • Make bulk product attribute changes to a group of products or a single product including product categories e.g. department, company etc., preferred supplier, AR product code, price policy, KVI, discountable status, discontinued flag, GST status, small label, dispensable, exclude from loyalty, retail price. Update preferred supplier attributes: minimum order quantity, order multiple, minimum shelf hold and maximum shelf hold
  • Add product info
  • Print or queue labels
  • View the Product Audit report for a selected product 
  • Action merges
  • Print the current list as it is displayed


Handy Keyboard Shortcuts & Tips

  • Ctrl+A - Highlights all products
  • Shift + mouse click - Highlights consecutively listed products
  • Ctrl + mouse click - Click to highlight non sequential products
  • F2 - Clear any filter options selected
  • Arrow keys + space bar - Highlight non sequential products
  • Each column header can be clicked to change the sort order (Alphabetical is the default sort order)

After you have mastered the basics, continue to the Detailed Product Quick Fix video to learn more.