Minfos Product Quick Fix is an efficient tool to assist Stock Controllers and Retail Managers with making bulk product attribute changes from a single screen.

It is recommended that you watch the Product Quick Fix Introduction video first.
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Watch this detailed tutorial and learn how to: 
  • Select multiple products
  • Make bulk product attribute changes at once (eg. company, preferred supplier, discountable, KVI)
  • Remove all suppliers from discontinued products
  • Plus other helpful tips

It is important to note, that changes made using the Product Quick Fix are immediate and these changes cannot be undone. To view any changes that have occurred, please refer to the Product Audit report.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts & Tips

  • Ctrl+A - Highlights all products
  • Shift + mouse click - Highlights consecutively listed products
  • Ctrl + mouse click - Click to highlight non sequential products
  • F2 - Clear any filter options selected
  • Arrow keys + space bar - Highlight non sequential products
  • Each column header can be clicked to change the sort order (Alphabetical is the default sort order)