This document provides guidance on performing a stocktake using a third party stocktake service.

The procedure can be summarised as:

  • Exporting the inventory file from Minfos for use by stocktake personnel
  • Importing the third party formatted stocktake file into Minfos
  • Reviewing products which were not scanned during the stocktake

Export the Inventory Data File

This section describes exporting inventory data from Minfos for stocktaking purposes.

From Stock Manager:

1. Click External Stocktake Export from the Stock Control menu.
2. The External Stock Take Export prompt advises the file formats and storage location of the export. Both Product and Barcode files will be saved to the c:\Minfos01\Send folder. The external stocktake company will copy these files for use when scanning the pharmacy. Click OK.

Import the Stocktake Data File

This section describes importing third party stocktake data into Minfos.

Stocktake Data File Format

1. When the stocktake has been completed, the third party vendor will format the stocktake data in preparation for import. 

The format of this DATA.TXT file must be a comma separated values (csv) type.

2. After saving the file as .csv navigate to the file rename to DATA.TXT

This table shows the format of the data contained in a DATA.TXT file.


Field Size



Product Barcode

20 characters (maximum)



Quantity Counted

4 characters (maximum)



Time/date stamp

19 characters



An example content of the DATA.TXT file is as follows:

9313212103898,3,11:20:04 04/06/2019

Importing the File

1. On your import computer, copy the file into the C:\MINFOS01\EXPORT directory.

2. Before beginning the import, mark the file as Read-only. This ensures that the file is not removed after import, in the event you need to import it again. When you no longer require the file, remove the Read-only attribute.

To mark a file as read-only:

  1. Right-click on the file, select the Properties and check the Read-only check box.
  2. Click the OK button, or press the [Enter] key.

  3. From Stock Manager, select Portable Stocktake from the Stock Control menu.

4. In the Scanner Type box, select Faulding PSION.

5. Click the Collect data for Stocktake button.

6. In the Stocktake Options prompt, leave the Overwrite Existing Stock On Hand option selected, and click Okay.

Note: The Add to Existing Stock On Hand option is used if the back room or excess stock has been counted separately from the stock in the store and you want to add this import to the SOH that is already in Minfos.

7. Since you are importing the files from your computer and not a PSION wireless scanner, these COM Port options can be ignored. Click Cancel to dismiss.

8. When Minfos has finished importing the file, the Stocktake Report is displayed.

9. This can be printed to be filed or exported to Excel or PDF and saved, for any future reference or click Close to close the report.

After the import

After successfully importing the file into Minfos, delete the DATA.TXT from your C:\MINFOS01\EXPORT directory.

Note: Leaving the imported file in the C:\MINFOS01\EXPORT directory may cause future file imports to fail.

Review Products Not Counted During Stocktake

Print the Not Counted Stocktake Sheet

After the Data.TXT file has been imported, a Not Counted Stocktake Sheet is required to review products which were not scanned during the current stock take. These products have a SOH quantity (positive or negative) which was not scanned during the current stock take. These items may no longer exist in your pharmacy or may have incorrect barcodes  

Refer to Print Not Counted reports for the next step in the stocktake process.