Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

This report is used to indicate variances in your Stock on Hand from your last stocktake to your current stocktake. It can be used to identify any potential problems with your current store processes.

For example, if your Stock Variance Report for the Blackmores location indicates most products have increased in SOH, then perhaps an invoice was not entered. 

Stock Variance reports should be run for each category individually. This report can be run by Product, Department, Company, Brand, I.E.U, Class, Location, Price Policy, Preferred Supplier and KVI. Location has been used for this example.

1. From Stock Manager, click the Reports menu.

2. Click 4.Stock Reports and select 7.Stock Variance Report.

The Stock Variance Report window is displayed.

3. Click the Sorted by dropdown and select Location.

4. In the From field enter the Location code for this report.

5. In the To field enter the same Location code as the From field.

6. In the Starting Date field enter the date for this location’s previous stocktake.

7. In the Ending Date field enter the date for this location’s current stocktake.

8. Leave the Show Detail checkbox selected.

9. Click Okay to run the report.

  1. A negative quantity indicates the store has gained this stock.
  2. A positive quantity indicates the store has lost this stock.

­­­­­10. Click Print to print the report.