The Minfos App is a phone app, available for both Android and iOS, which interfaces efficiently with Minfos. It allows stocktaking, queuing of labels, creating orders, receipting orders and receipting orders by tote (Symbion orders only) directly from your phone.

Download Minfos App

To download the app:

1. On your device, open your Play / App Store and search “Minfos”.

2. The result should display “Minfos App”.

3. Select the app and install.

4. After the install is complete, the Minfos App icon is visible on your device. Select the icon to open the app.

Initial Setup

Ensure your mobile device is connected to your pharmacy’s internal Wi-Fi. If you have difficulty, please seek assistance from your hardware technician.

1. Open Minfos App on your mobile device.

2. Select Change Server.

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3. In the Minfos App - enter either the server Name or the server IP address in the Minfos Server URL: field and select done.

a. To obtain your server Name or IP Address, navigate to Minfos Stock Manager.

b. Click the Stock Control menu and select 8. Stocktake Pair Code.

The Stocktake Pair Code window is displayed.

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c. Click Cancel to close the Stocktake Pair Code window, or leave open, as the pair code is required to sign in to the app.

4. Select the back arrow to return to the Minfos App screen.

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Note: This set up should not have to be repeated, as these details will be remembered. However, if you install a new Minfos Server or make changes to your Wi-Fi network this step may need to be repeated.

Next step: Log in to the Minfos App.