Locations should be used regardless of whether the stocktake is completed via a wireless scanner, the Minfos App or via stocktake sheets. Locations can be used for various reasons:

  • To group products together and simplify the stocktaking process.
  • Print bulk shelf labels and products labels.
  • Run reports.

It may be necessary to have multiple locations across a single department / I.E.U / Class, e.g. your store may have one category set up for Vitamins, but could have several vitamin locations e.g. Blackmores, Swisse, Sanofi, and Ethical Nutrients.

Smaller locations make stocktaking easier to complete whilst trading. It can also be a good idea to set up Locations with codes which are grouped numbers e.g. all of dispense 0-100, Cosmetics 100-200, Vitamins 200-300, FOS 10000 onwards etc.

Locations can be imported from another Minfos pharmacy, see Import categories for more information.

Add Locations

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

1. From Stock Manager, click Category Maintenance.

The Category Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Select Location from the Category Type dropdown. Leave the Display Order as Name.

3. Click Add to add a new location.

The Location Entry window is displayed.

4. Enter the Code you want your location to have, by default the next available number is populated.

5. Enter the Name of the location.

6. At this stage you can enter a performance guideline GP% or Markup % or leave these blank. Refer to Set a Category Performance Guideline.

7. If the Display (Display Name in Dispense) checkbox is visible, select this option for any dispensary locations.

8. Click OK to save the location.

9. Complete steps 4 to 8 until all of the locations have been added.

10. Click Cancel to close the Location Entry window once all locations have been added.

11. Change the display order from Name to Code if required by clicking the dropdown.

12. Click Print to print a list of the locations. This can be exported or printed and used as a checklist to record commencement and completion dates of a location.

13. Click Cancel to close Category Maintenance.

Allocate stock to locations

You need to have added your locations before you can allocate your stock to them.

If you have a wireless scanner, you can allocate the stock to the correct locations at the same time you stocktake. Refer Stocktake via Wireless Scanner.

If you do not have a wireless scanner then you will need to allocate your products to the correct location via Product Quick Fix or Product Maintenance.

As you complete invoices, newly purchased stock should be allocated into the correct location in Order Maintenance either via Editing an Order or via the Pricing window.

Use Product Quick Fix to allocate stock to locations

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Products menu.

2. Click 4. Product Quick Fix.

The Product Quick Fix window is displayed.

3. Leave the Sort by field on Product. If you already have your products categorised then you can use this to further refine to location.

4. The From field will populate with the first product (or the selected category) in the database, or this can be adjusted by entering the name of the product.

5. The To field will populate with the last product (or the selected category) in the database, or this can be adjusted by entering the name of the product.

6. Click Okay.
The Product Quick Fix window is displayed.

7. Click Filter.

The Product Quick Fix Filter window is displayed.

8. Select the Display Products with SOH option. Select OK.

The Displaying window will show.

Product Quick Fix is re-displayed, with only products with a SOH.

9. Click Find and enter a specific product name, then click Okay to find a product (e.g. BL).

10. Use [Shift] and the mouse to select a consecutive list of products. Use the scroll bar onscreen or on the mouse if required. If the list is sorted by Blackmores products only, use [Ctrl + A], to highlight all products displayed in Product Quick Fix.

11. Or use [Ctrl] and the mouse to select specific products.

12. Click Fix.

The Quick Fix Selection window is displayed.

13. Check the Location radio box, and enter the code of the Location or enter the name and press [TAB] to search, highlight the location and click Ok.

14. If there are other product attributes that require fixing, use the appropriate radio boxes and selections.

15. Click OK.

Products will now be allocated to the Blackmores Location.

16. Continue this process until all products are allocated to the correct Locations.

For further information on Product Quick Fix, please watch this video.

After you have set up your locations, proceed to Clear broken pack quantities.