Broken pack quantities are the result of dispensing a quantity less than the full pack quantity. There is a configuration to adjust how your database counts broken packs. Refer to Broken Pack Decreases SOH configuration for more information.

Warning: The Clear Broken Packs utility should only be used prior to a stocktake, ensure you count your broken packs when completing your stocktake.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Stock Control menu and select Clear Broken Packs.

The Clear Broken Pack Quantities window is displayed.2. Leave the Clear By field set to Product. The From and To fields default to include all products in your database.

3. Check the Continue checkbox and click Okay.

The Clear all fractional quantities confirmation window is displayed.

4. Click Yes to clear the broken pack quantities in your database.

This will clear the Sub-units Counted to 0.00 and dependent on your Broken Pack Decreases SOH configuration it may reduce your SOH by 1.

After you have cleared your broken pack quantities refer to the Print Uncollected Scripts Report article for the next stocktake step.