Ideally staff should count from the shelf to paper and left to right, this helps to ensure ALL products physically located on the shelf are counted during this stocktake. If a product is on the shelf and not on the stocktake sheet, the product details should be written down, so the product can be allocated to the correct location.

Record the correct quantity on the printed stock take sheet in the Count Adj. column.

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Stock Control menu and select Stocktake Sheets.

The Stocktake Sheets window is displayed.

2. From the Sorted by dropdown, select Location.

3. In the From field enter the Location code.

4. In the To field enter the same Location code.

5. Leave the New Page checkbox unselected.

6. Leave the Negatives Only checkbox unselected.

7. Leave the Stock Products Only checkbox selected.

8. Leave the Use Less Paper checkbox unselected.

9. Leave the Not Counted checkbox unselected.

10. Leave the Since the cut off date displaying today’s date.

11. Click Okay.

12. Click Print to print the Stocktake Sheet.

13. Check the items on the Stocktake Sheet against products on the uncollected scripts report, count the stock on the shelf and in the back room.

Refer to Enter manually counted stock using Rolling Stocktake to learn how to enter the counted stock into Minfos.