After the stock on a Stocktake Sheet has been counted, it can be entered in Minfos using Rolling Stocktake.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

From Stock Manager:

1. From the Stock Control menu, select Rolling Stocktake.

The Rolling Stocktake Entry window is displayed.

2. Click the Sort list by dropdown and select Location.

3. In the From field enter the Location code that was used for the Stocktake Sheet.

4. In the To field enter the same Location code.

5. Select the Stocked Only checkbox.

6. Leave the Negatives Only checkbox unselected.

7. Leave the Not Counted checkbox unselected.

8. Leave the Since the cutoff date at the default.

9. Click Okay.

10. Highlight and click the Edit Prod button to update the Location for any products that are no longer kept in that location.

11. Highlight the first product, click Change.

The Product Stock on Hand Edit window is displayed.

12. Enter the Qty Counted figure as required, don't forget to include broken packs; enter the number of tablets in the Sub-units Counted. For more information regarding broken packs, click here.

13. The Reason for Change dropdown selection can be changed, but as this a stocktake it should be left on Count Adjustment.

14. Click Okay to close the Product Stock on Hand Edit window for this product and open the Product Stock on Hand Edit window for the next product in the list.

You will notice a √ appear next to the left of each product as you update the counted quantity.

The Product Stock on Hand Edit window will close, when the last product on the Rolling Stocktake screen has had a Qty Counted entered.

Products the pharmacy no longer stock from this list, should now have a zero in the counted column, a √ to the left of the product column and should now be marked as not stocked.

15. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on each item of these items to highlight, then click Stocked to mark them as not stocked.

16. Repeat Step 15 for any products that need to be marked as Stocked.

17. The stock on hand now needs to be updated for all products on each screen, click Update to do this.

18. Click Next, to move onto the next page.

19. Repeat steps 10 to 18 until all products in that location have been counted.

Note: Update needs to clicked on each screen of the Rolling Stocktake window. If update is NOT clicked, the SOH will not be updated with the quantity in the Counted column.

Refer to Print Not Counted reports for the next stocktake step.