If you have a wireless scanner, you can choose to allocate the stock to the correct locations at the same time as you stocktake. Alternatively, if your stock is already allocated to the correct location, you can simply scan and count. 

Set up the scanner for Stocktake

1. Open the Minfos Wireless Scanner Server on your workstation.

2. Enter the User ID and Password into Minfos on the Wireless Scanner.

3. Click Login.


Allocate stock to locations whilst stocktaking

It is ideal to use the Quick Fix function whilst stocktaking, this will allow your Locations to be updated at the same time as you are counting your stock. If you use this function, do not use Quick Fix when counting your excess stock. This should only be used when you are out on the shop floor.

Follow the below guidance to set up your scanner to allocate stock to locations while you stocktake. 

1. On the Stock Control tab of the Stock Control screen, check the Quick Fix check box.

The Quick Fix screen is displayed.

2. In the combo box at the top of the Quick Fix screen, select Location. 

3. Click the magnifying glass button.

A list of categories of the selected type is displayed.

4. Select the required category, and then click Okay.

The selected category is displayed on the Quick Fix screen.

5. Click Save to close the Quick Fix screen and return to the Stock Control tab of the Stock Control screen.

6. On the Stock Control tab, check the Apply to Stocktake and Pricing checkbox.

This checkbox allows the user to Mark Products as Stocked, Queue Labels and Quick Fix on any tab whilst in Stock Control.

Any product selected on the Stock Control, Stocktake, or Pricing tab will have these attributes applied to all products after selecting Update.

6. Refer to Perform a stocktake instructions below. 

Perform a stocktake

1. Navigate to the Stock Control screen and the Stocktake tab.

The Stocktake tab of the Stock Control screen enables you to view the details of a product, and make changes to the stock on hand of that product.

Refer to the following image for the information below.


A. Product text box displays the barcode number of the product.

B. Name text box displays the name of the product.

C. QTY text box displays the current SOH of the product.

D. QTY Counted text box enables you to change the SOH quantity.

E. Last Count text box displays the last date on which the SOH of the product was counted.

F. Retail Price text box displays the current retail price of the product.

G. Unit Cost text box displays the current unit cost of the product.

H. Stock Control changes will be applied. 

  •  If you see this message, it means you have selected product changes to apply while stocktaking (such as quick fix to location). If you do not want changes from the Stock Control tab from being applied when you perform the stocktake, return the Stock Control tab, uncheck the Apply to Stocktake and Pricing checkbox and then click the Stocktake tab to continue with the stocktake.
  • If you do not see this message (and want to allocate stock to locations while stocktaking), return to the Stock Control tab and select the attributes you want to apply to the products you are stocktaking and then check the Apply to Stocktake and Pricing check box, and then click the Stocktake tab to continue with the stocktake.

I. Overwrite will replace current SOH with value in QTY counted text box.

J. Add will add the value from the QTY counted text box to the current SOH value.

K. Open or close the on-screen keyboard.

2. From the Stocktake window in the Product field, scan a product barcode.

The details of the product are displayed.

3. If the barcode does not scan, or if the product cannot be found in the Minfos database:

a. Enter the name of the product in the Product text box, and then select the magnifying glass to search.

The Product Search screen is displayed.

The on-screen keyboard is displayed, by default. To hide the on-screen keyboard, select the keyboard button.

b. On the Product Search screen, select the required product and then select the ok button at the top right corner of the screen.

c. The details of the selected product then populate on screen.

d. Alternatively, select the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen, to abandon your search.

4. Click the QTY Counted text box to change the SOH of the product.
There are two different quantities that can be entered at this stage either;

a. A value that will replace the current SOH.


b. A value that needs to be added to the current SOH.

5. Using the on-screen keyboard or the keyboard on the scanner, enter the SOH value.

a. Click Overwrite to replace the current SOH value.


b. Click Add to add to the current SOH value.

The focus returns to the Product field. The barcode is highlighted, ready to scan the next product.

6. Repeat from step 2 until count is complete.

Note: If you are Quick fixing locations at the same time as stocktaking, remember to return to the Stock Control tab and update the location you are quick fixing the products to before counting a new location.

Refer to Print Not Counted reports for the next stocktake step.