This series of articles cover the end to end process of performing a stocktake. This includes printing stocktake sheets, entering the counted stock, reporting on items not counted and reviewing any stock variances. At the bottom of this article you will find a Stocktake Checklist which covers all tasks needed for the stocktake in the recommended order. A PDF version of this checklist is attached for you to print and use to track your progress. 

Note: It is recommended that the pharmacy creates a stocktake calendar to ensure that each location is counted on a regular basis.


  • SOH - Stock on hand
  • I.E.U - Intended End Use, this can be used as another reporting or stocktaking category
  • QTY - Quantity
  • Committed stock - A script(s) waiting at the till not yet paid for by the customer. Can be seen in Product Maintenance, the Drug Recall window, the Product Stock on Hand Edit window and the Minfos App. The example below indicates there are 3 packs in the Pharmacy; 2 on the shelf or robot and 1 waiting at the Till.

Things to consider before counting

Before commencing a stocktake, ensure you have taken the below into consideration.

  • All stock that is kept in the pharmacy, should be allocated to a category. It is recommended that Location is used. You can Assign Products to a Category with the Minfos App.
  • All outstanding invoices and credits should be completed.
  • The use of any General or Miscellaneous keys should be monitored and kept to a minimum.
  • How your pharmacy counts broken packs; refer to Broken Pack Decreases SOH configuration for more information.
  • Scripts waiting at the Till need to be counted in your stocktake.
  • Ensure you record the date you commence counting each location. These dates are required to run accurate Not Counted and Stock Variance reports.

Stocktake Checklist

Before the stocktake

1. All outstanding invoices have been completed in Minfos.

2. All outstanding credits have been completed in Minfos.

3. All stock has been loaded into the Robot (if applicable).

4. All stocked products have been allocated to a location. Please refer to Set up Locations for Stocktake for instructions. If you wish to allocate stock to location using the Wireless Scanner as you stocktake, please refer to Stocktake via Wireless Scanner.

5. Clear Broken Pack utility (if applicable). Refer to Clear broken pack quantities.

During the stocktake

6. Count stock. 

6a. To count stock manually using pen and paper refer to Print Stocktake Sheets and Enter manually counted stock using Rolling Stocktake.

6b. To stocktake using the Minfos App refer to Stocktake using the Minfos App.

6c. To stocktake using the Wireless Scanner refer to Stocktake via Wireless Scanner.

6d. Scripts waiting at the the till need to be counted. Refer to Print Uncollected Scripts Report.

6e. To stocktake your robot refer to Stocktake your Robot.

7. Print Not Counted reports.

8. Enter not counted stock and/or mark as not stocked.

After the stocktake

9. Print Product Audit reports or Category Audit reports as required.

10. Print Stock Variance reports.

11. Print the Stock on Hand report (outside of business hours, before trade in the morning).