Before using Layby for the first time in your pharmacy, set up default Layby options in Shop Configuration.

The deposit percentage amount, number of payments and the payment period defaults can all be set following instructions below.

From Minos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

2. Click Shop Configuration icon.

3. Click the Till option.4. Adjust the Layby Deposit %. This will calculate the deposit required for each layby as it is added at the Till. 

5. Adjust the No. Payments. This number will appear as the default number of repayments when a layby is added at the Till.

6. Adjust the Period field to reflect how often payments will be required. 

  • Enter 1 for weekly repayments
  • Enter 2 for fortnightly repayments
  • Enter 3 for monthly repayments

7. Click OK to save.