The Return function in Minfos is best suited to situations where only selected items from a sale are being returned by a customer. When processing returns at the Till always ensure you are following your pharmacy’s returns policy. If you are not sure of the return policy or normal procedure, please check with your manager or pharmacy owner.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

1. Enter your Clerk Code, then click Enter.

2. Scan the barcode of the product that the customer is returning. Alternatively, search for the products using the keyboard.

3. Click Return.

The Sale Return window is displayed, and shows the return product’s price.
4. Enter the payment type the customer receives for the return:

  • Cash - The return is finalised and the Till drawer will open.
  • Card - The Credit Menu window is displayed. Complete the sale as normal.
  • Account - The Customer Account Search window is displayed. Complete the sale as normal for an account customer.