1. Enter your Clerk Code, then click Enter.

2. Scan the product barcode. Alternatively, search for products using the keyboard.

3. Click Credit. The Credit Menu window is displayed.

4. Click Gift Vouchers.

5. Enter the gift voucher amount in the Amount Paying text box, then press Enter.

The Gift Voucher Redeem Screen window is displayed.

6. Enter the gift voucher details, then click Okay.

7. If an amount is still owing, the End Sale Menu window is displayed, and shows the gift voucher amount in the Credit field.

a. Select the payment type, then click Okay.

Note: If Cash is selected, the remainder of the sale will not be rounded.

8. Enter the Amount Paying on the balance of the sale, then click Enter. The CHANGE window is displayed.

9. Click Okay, to complete the sale as normal.