This promotion type allows for a product or a range of products to be sold at a set price once the qualifying amount of products has been reached in the sales basket.

For example: Buy any 5 Hydralyte effervescent tablets packs for $45.

The promotional discount is applied once the qualifying product quantity is reached and when customers purchase:

  • A combination of products within a promotion and meet the qualifying quantity.
  • A multiple of the same product within the promotion and meet the qualifying quantity.
  • Additional products above the qualifying quantity.


Add a promotion

1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Promotions icon.

2. Click the Promotion Maintenance icon.

3. From the Enquiry group box, select New.

4. Click Add to create a new promotion.

5. In the Promotion maintenance – add screen, perform the following actions:

A. Loyalty promotions – non-editable textbox.

B. Promotion Type – select 5. Multibuy for set sales price.

C. Promotion Name – enter a name for the promotion. This name will be shown for your reference in the Promotions module.

D. Promotion Description – enter short description. This description will display on the multibuy prompt at the Till and in the Promotions module.

E. Promotion Code – non-editable textbox. An automatically-generated code that Minfos uses to identify saved promotions.

F. Start Date and End Date – enter the promotions’ active date range.

G. Apply promotion more than once to sale basket:

  1. Leave this checkbox selected to receive the promotional discount multiple times in a single transaction or,
  2. Deselect checkbox to disable to receive a single promotional discount in a transaction.

H. Enable manual discount:

  1. Leave checkbox deselected to disable a further discount at the Till or,
  2. Select to enable a further discount at the Till.

Note: By default, products on promotion cannot be discounted manually. To enable a product to be discounted manually, mark it as discountable in the product stock card.
6. Click Next.

7. Perform the following actions in the textboxes:
A. Get ‘x’ (Quantity of discountable product) – enter the number of products that should trigger the total sale amount.

B. for ‘x’ (Total of discountable product) – Enter the total value of the sale for the number of products in the promotion.

C. When to select or unselect the Allow discount on each additional item:

  1. Select checkbox – allows a customer to receive the promotional discount for each item the purchase in addition to the qualifying quantity of promotional products.
  2. Deselect checkbox – the customer can only receive the promotional discount on multiples of the qualifying quantity of products included in the promotion.

For example: To set the promotion to “Buy any 5 Hydralyte effervescent tablets packs for $45” then the following action will need to be performed:

  • Set the value in the Get (Quantity of discountable product) field at 5. This is the total quantity of products that must be purchased to qualify for the promotion. 
  • Next set the value in the for ‘x’ (Total of discountable product) field at 45. The customer must purchase 5 qualifying products to receive the total discount ($45). 

Note: The editable fields are determined by the type of promotion that you have selected.
8. Now you are ready to add products to the promotion. Refer to Add products to Multibuy for Set Sales Price promotion.