Labels can be easily printed from New, Current and Complete promotions in Promotion Maintenance.

From Promotion Maintenance:

1. Select a New, Current or Complete promotion that you wish to print labels for.

2. Click the Labels button or [Alt+L].

3. The Print Labels window will display.

A. The promotion code of the selected promotion will display in the Promotion Code field.

B. Click the Label Type dropdown and select the correct Label.

C. Select the Print Stock on Hand Quantity radio button to print a label for the stock on hand quantity. This option is recommended for product labels only.

D. Leave the Print Single Labels radio button selected if only 1 label for each product is required.

E. Select the Send to Queue checkbox if you wish to send these labels to the label queue.

F. Select the Stocked Only checkbox if you wish to only print items marked as stocked.

4. Click Okay to print (or send to the queue if the Send to Queue checkbox is selected).

Note: Where the promotion is a multibuy (promotions 3 through to 7) a message will display next to the Promotion Code field: 'This is a multibuy promotion, labels will be printed with the product’s retail price'.