To report on a specific promotion:

1. From the Minfos Promo Manager window, click the Promotion Maintenance icon.

The Promotion setup window is displayed.


2. Use the Enquiry group box, and click the option button that corresponds to the promotion’s status (for example, click Current for promotions that you’ve started running or imported).

3. Click Next.

The Promotion Enquiry list window is displayed, and shows a list of promotions based on your selected filter.

 4. Click a promotion, to select it, and then click Report. The print report window is displayed.

5. Click the Report name drop-down list, and then click the required report type to select it.
Reports available are:

  • 1 Promotion definition detail, to see the settings of each promotion - for example, the promotion’s date range, the type of promotion, and the products in the promotion.
  • 2 Promotion price vs. retail price, which shows you the price difference between the promotional products’ price and their regular retail price.
  • 3 Promotion Sales Report, to report on sales of products in your pharmacy’s promotions. This report includes the product’s sales before, during, and after the promotion. 

6. To run the report, click Print. A report for your selected promotion is displayed.

7. Click Print to print the report or click Close.